April 25, 2013

1 Dress, 3 Different Looks

This post was both challenging and fun because I'm using one clothing item, a dress, and styling it in multiple ways. The base foundation to these looks is a light and airy orange elephant print dress. I love pieces of clothing that can be worn over and over, especially in many different ways because they are so versatile, allows us to be creative, and it maximizes the items in our closet!

Look 1: Stroll Down Memory Lane

I wore the dress by itself with a waist belt to pronounce my waist, it is a gorgeous dress and I love the elephant print!

Dress: Elephant print dress from Forever 21. {old}

Splurge: I found two dresses that would be great foundations for different looks: here and here.

Belt: Double Buckle Belt from Forever 21, here.

Steal: Double Buckle Belt from Forever 21, here.
Splurge: Stretch Skinny Belt from Banana Republic, here.

Bracelets: All 3 bracelets are from Nordstroms, but they don't seem to have them online anymore. Below are similar ones. Also featured in Picnic Outfit post.

Stealherehere, and here.
Splurgeherehere, and here.

Watch: Black watch by Agnes B. Also featured the post, In the MeadowsGolden Look, Pink, Leopard, and French Macarons.

Steal: Minimal Colorful Watch from Rings and Tings, here.
Splurge: Dark Rebel from Swatch, here.

Wedges: Black wedges by Charles by Charles David. {old}

Steal: Braided Rope Wedge Sandal, here.
Splurge: Terrace Sandal, here.

Look 2: On The Go

This dress is truly a great base for layering because it is so light! I wore it as a shirt here with a black skater skirt and a belt. I folded up the sleeves to create a casual and day look. Plus, the skirt adds a feminine and girly silhouette.

Skirt: Jersey Skater Skirt by Topshop, here.

Steal: Chiffon Skirt from Forever 21, here.
Splurge: Jersey Skater Skirt by Topshop, here.

Belt: Braided Belt by AEO, here. Also featured in Mustard and Blue post.

Steal: Braided Belt with Roller Buckle from Target, here.
Splurge: Braided Belt by AEO, here.

Clutch: Studded Crossbody Clutch from Nordstrom BP, here. Also featured in Picnic Outfit post.

StealBolt Studded Clutch (Google Affiliate Ad) from Forever 21.
Splurge: Studded Crossbody Clutch from Nordstrom BP, here.

ShoesOxford Pumps by Hallogen, bought from Nordstrom. {old} See all of their shoes on Nordstrom.com, here. Also featured in Green For St. Patrick's Day post.

Steal: Chelsea Crew Morgan Oxford Pump from DSW, see here.
Splurge: Carson Oxford by Frye, available at Nordstrom, see here.

Look 3: Business Casual

Wearing the dress as a shirt with the jeans creates an effortless look for work, school, or family outing. I threw on a pair of heels to contrast with the cardigan and for a more chic look.

Cardigan: Tipped Sweater Jacket from Banana Republic, here.

Steal: Marbled Jacquard Jacket from Gap, here.
Splurge: Tipped Sweater Jacket from Banana Republic, here.

Jeans: Skinnies by Joe's Jeans. {old}

Steal: Jeggings from American Eagle, here.
Splurge: The Skinny by Joe's Jeans, here.

Heels: White Heels by Halogen. {old}

Steal: A few options: here and here.
Splurge: Buito from Aldo, here.

Next time when you are out shopping, try looking for great clothing pieces that are versatile like this dress. Having items like this in your closet adds creativity and variety to our outfits.

Good Luck and thanks for reading. <3



p.s. Comment below and let me know if you like this post, what you think, and if you'd like to see more of these posts!


  1. Love that you were able to get so much wear out of one dress! Question - how did you get the dress to not bunch up and cause wrinkles/bumps/etc in your jeans??
    PS the elephant print is so cute!

    1. The dress was a super soft and silk-like thin material with no inner lining so when I folded it and tucked it into my jeans it didnt bunch up!

      Thanks, I agree the elephants are super adorable


  2. Such a great idea! I had the same question as 99 boxes of shoes, how did you get the dress to not bunch up? Thanks!

    1. It was the material of the dress, if you are trying to do something similar with a dress you own. See if there is an inner lining. One without one works best because there is less material to tuck in! :)


  3. Amazing!! I love it!!
    If you want, we can follow each! Let me now!!




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