June 29, 2013

Pink Floral Summer Dress and Brown Details

Happy Saturday everyone! I saw Monsters University the other night and loved the beginning screens. They showed Mike Wazowski when he was a kid with braces. He was so cute! I can't wait for Despicable Me 2 to come out this upcoming weekend. Have you seen the commercial for the movie? There is a cute screen with Agnes talking to Gru about his bald head and chicks popping out of it. Super adorable, here is the link to the video on YouTube.

Outfit Details

Dress: Floral Dress from Free People. {old}

Steal: Racing Back Floral Dress from L.Mae Boutique, here.
Splurge: FP One Geo Shapeless Dress from Free People, here.

Belt: Vintage Perforated Belt thanks to Linea Pelle, here.

Steal: Round Buckle Belt from Gap, here.
Splurge: Vintage Perforated Belt from Linea Pelle, here.

Bracelets: Mix Bowl Set thanks to Candyee Jewelry, (I am wearing 2 of the 4 bracelets in the set) here. Gold Bliss Bracelet thanks to eff.Y.bee, here.

Steal: Bracelets here, here, and here.
Splurge: Mix Bowl Set from Candyee Jewelry, here. Gold Bliss Bracelet from eff.Y.bee, here.

Bag: Venice Crossbody thanks to Linea Pelle, here.

Steal: Envelope Crossbody from Forever 21, here.
Splurge: Venice Crossbody from Linea Pelle, here.

Sandals: Brown Leather Sandals from Aldo. {old}

Steal: AEO Braided Sandal from American Eagle, here.
Splurge: Miralles from Aldo, here.

Sunglasses: Oversized Sunglasses from Forever 21. {old}

Steal: D-Frame Sunglasses from Forever 21, here.
Splurge: Large Square Sunglasses from zeroUV, here.

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June 27, 2013

Ivory Flower Petal Skirt

This skirt has officially become one of my favorite pieces in my closet. I love the feminine layers of the light fabric and how they flutters with each step. I paired this ivory skirt with pale blue and pink colors to keep the entire look soft and angelic. I wore this pairing to a brunch that my other half and I had to celebrate our anniversary, but it is perfect for any special occasion. 

I would like to share a recent amazing product discovery. :) I have found the holy grail of body moisturizers! I hate it when body lotion leaves a greasy oily feeling after application, so if you're like me, you'll fall head over heels in love for The Righteous Body Butter. It is truly AMAZING, super moisturizing, and smells so nice too! :)

Outfit Details

Top: V-Neck Long Sleeve from Forever 21.

Steal: Pure Body Sheer V-neck T from Gap, here.
Splurge: Split Dolman Tee from Anthropologie, here.

Skirt: First & Foremost Skirt thanks to L.Mae Boutique, here.

Steal: First & Foremost Skirt from L.Mae Boutique, here.
Splurge: Oliviana Feather Skirt from Saks, here.

Belt: Pink Braided Belt from Forever 21. {Not online, but I just got it this past weekend at a Forever 21 retail store}

Steal: Square Faux Patent Leather Belt from Forever 21, here.
Splurge: Daisy Wide Waist Belt with Crisscross Braids from Linea Pelle, here.

Necklace: Love Necklace thanks to Lola James, here.

Steal: Heart Charm Necklace from Forever 21, here.
Splurge: Love Necklace from Lola James, here.

Bag: Tasha Faux Patent Box Clutch from Nordstrom, here.

Steal: Tasha Faux Patent Box Clutch from Nordstrom, here.
Splurge: Light Gold Hard Case Clutch from Citizen Mod, here.

Shoes: Pointed Top Platforms thanks to DailyLook, here.

Steal: Pointed Top Platforms from DailyLook, here.
Splurge: Mawusi from Aldo, here.

Nails: Micky ZP665 by Zoya, here.

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June 25, 2013

Polka Dot Jeans, Neon Yellow, and Silver Details

Outfit Details

Top: Neon Yellow Sweater from Gap, here. {on sale!}

Steal: Neon Yellow Sweater from Gap, here.
Splurge: Crossing Guard Sweater from DailyLook, here.

Blazer: Holiday Spirit Blazer thanks to DailyLook, here.

Steal: Holiday Spirit Blazer from DailyLook, here.
Splurge: Ponte Knit Jacket from Forever 21, here.

Jeans: Polka Dot Jeans from Nordstrom. {old}

Steal: Polka Dot Denim Skinnies from Forever 21, here.
Splurge: Chole Skinny Twill Pants from Nordstrom, here.

Bracelets: Return to Tiffany Heart Tag Charm Bracelet from Tiffany & Co., here.

Steal: Infinity Bracelet from Olive + Piper, here.
Splurge: Return to Tiffany Heart Tag Charm Bracelet from Tiffany & Co., here.

Bag: Milly Collection Wristlet from Banana Republic, here.

Steal: Cagged In Clutch from DailyLook, here.
Splurge: Milly Collection Wristlet from Banana Republic, here.

Shoes: Susy Strappy Heel from Target, here.

Steal: Silver/Glitter Open Toe Heel from Windsor, here.
Splurge: Susy Strappy Heel from Target, here.



June 23, 2013

Wrap Skirt With a Pop of Red

Hello everyone! I can't believe it is Sunday already, this weekend flew by so quickly! Today is the Alice Summerthing concert and I'm so excited to see Ed Sheeran, I really like his Little Bird and Kiss Me song. Do look it up and listen to them, they are amazing songs!! 

This pairing is a simple chic look with a pop of red from my clutch and heels. This look is perfect for grabbing lunch, visiting friends, and shopping. I love the detail of wrap skirt and how it drapes down to one side, but the best part is that it is on sale and has pockets! :D

Thank you Christine Sauveur Photography for the photos!

Outfit Details

Top: Black Top from Gap, here.

Steal: Basic Combo Top from Forever 21, here.
Splurge: Black Top from Gap, here.

Skirt: Leith Stripe Wrap Skirt from Nordstrom, here. {On sale!}

Steal: Leith Stripe Wrap Skirt from Nordstrom, here.
Splurge: Ballerina Pink Tulle Skirt from L.Mae Boutique, here.

Necklace: Double Chain Necklace from Nordstrom BP. {I just got it from a Nordstrom store}

Steal: Matte Curb Chain Necklace from Forever 21, here.
Splurge: Polished Chain Link Necklace from DailyLook, here .

Clutch: No name red clutch from Hong Kong.

Steal: City Bag With Handle and Buckles from ZARA, here.
Splurge: Red Croc Embossed Leather Chain Bag from Socialista, here.

Shoes: Bright Bold Platforms thanks to DailyLook, here. {On sale! It's weird, the price is relative to the size you pick}

Steal: Bright Bold Platforms from DailyLook, here.
Splurge: Lydia from ShoeDazzle, here.

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June 21, 2013

Pink Tweed & Cuffed Denim Shorts

TGIF everyone!! I hope you have a fun and eventful weekend planned. If you are going to be in the Bay Area, there is a free outdoor concert at Golden Gate Park this Sunday, June 20th called the Alice's Summerthing. Ed Sherren, Sara Bareilles, and more are performing. My friends and I are going so say, "Hi" if we cross paths. :)

So I've been doing the Insanity workout for a few months now and have to say that it is an amazing workout! It is challenging, but is a great alternative to going to the gym and especially rewarding when you start to notice results. I recently started to notice results on my body and I'm really excited about that! The best part is that each workout is only about an hour long and I personally prefer doing an Insanity workout over going to the gym because I don't have to waste time driving to and back from the gym. If you are looking for a quick butt kicking insane workout, I recommend it! :D

Outfit Details

Top: Tweed-Front Tee from J.Crew, here. {sold out online, but check the stores! I got it this past weekend for $20 + 30% off) 

Steal: Contrast Striped Baseball Tee from Forever 21, here.
Splurge: Baseball Tee from American Eagle Outfitters, here.

Shorts: Mid Rose Shorts from Abercrombie & Fitch, here.

Steal: Mid Rose Shorts from Abercrombie & Fitch, here.
Splurge: California Selvedge Dark Blue Shorts from GJG Denim, here.

Necklace: Love Necklace thanks to Lola James, here.

Steal: Heart Charm Necklace from Forever 21, here.
Splurge: Love Necklace from Lola James, here.

Bracelets: Broken Pieces Bracelet thanks to DailyLook, here.

Steal: Broken Pieces Bracelet from DailyLook, here.
Splurge: Mia Wrap Cuff from Gorjana Griffin, here.

Bag: Tan Bronze Snake Print Leather Chain Bag by JJ Winters thanks to Socialista, here.

Steal: Snake Skin Envelope from DailyLook, here.
Splurge: Tan Bronze Snake Print Leather Chain Bag from Socialista, here.

Shoes: Pointed Toe Platforms thanks to DailyLook, here.

Steal: Pointed Toe Platforms from DailyLook, here.
Splurge: Azura from Sole Society, here.

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June 19, 2013

Casual Chic in Taupe & Black

The weather can be so unpredictable in San Francisco. It was so cloudy and chilly today that I threw a comfortable baggy cardigan over black skinny jeans and paired it with a pair of wedges for a comfortable casual chic look. This look is perfect for running errands, going out for a cup of hot coco, or catching a movie. 

I went to Sephora last night and their OPI nail polishes are on sale! They said that they are discontinuing the OPI collection so all OPI branded items are 50% off. I bought a bunch of nail polishes for only $4.50 each! Such a steal normally OPI nail polishes go for $9-$9.50, I can't wait to use them, and hope you guys are able to get some colors you like! (I got Read My Palm, Mermaid To Order, It's Wine O'Clock, Casanova Is So Into Me, And a Cherry on Top, IM Beauty, and Havana Dream)

Outfit Details

Top: Beige Dolman Top from Nordstrom. {old}

Steal: Basic Slub Knit Dolman Top from Forever 21, here.
Splurge: Amazing V-Back Knit from TrendyBlendy, here.

Cardigan: Taupe Sequin Cardigan from Nordstrom. {old}

Steal: Made For Me Cardi from Free People, here.
Splurge: Sequin Blazer from ZARA, here.

Jeans: Black Skinny Jeans from Gap, here.

Steal: Urban Skinny Jeans from DailyLook, here.
Splurge: Black Skinny Jeans from Gap, here.

Bracelets: Gold & Indigo Bliss Bracelets thanks to eff.Y.bee, here.

Steal: Delicate Gold and CZ Bracelet by Oia Jules, here. Navy Blue Bracelets Set from Candydeejewelry, here.
Splurge: Gold and Indigo Bliss Bracelets from eff.Y.bee, here.

Clutch: Lauren Conrad by Linea Pelle. {old}

Steal: Twist Lock Spike Clutch from DailyLook, here.
Splurge: Black Leather Chain Bag by JJ Winters, here.

Wedges: Quinn Suede Platform Wedge by Sam Edelman, here. {sold out} (Also seen here)

Steal: Faux Suede Ankle Strap Wedges from Forever 21, here.
Splurge: Louisa from Sole Society, here.

Nails: Jacuzzi by Sephora, here.

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June 17, 2013

Office Look With Polka Dots

I wore this look for my second photo shoot with Ryan. Our mission of these photos were to achieve a fast-paced downtown work look, which I think we accomplished very nicely. This polished blazer sophisticated the look making it perfect for a day at work. 

Photos by Ryan Chua

Outfit Details

Blazer: Ponte Modern Blazer from Banana Republic, here.

Steal: Holiday Spirit Blazer from DailyLook, here.
Splurge: Ponte Modern Blazer from Banana Republic, here.

Shirt: Polka Dot Top from Marshalls.

Steal: Black and White Polka Dot Blouse from L.Mae Boutique, here.
Splurge: Polka Dot Collar Blouse from DailyLook, here.

Belt: Champion Chainlink Belt thanks to DailyLook, here.

Steal: Plated Spike Waist Belt from Forever 21, here.
Splurge: Champion Chainlink Belt from DailyLook, here.

Shorts: BP. Silky High Waist Shorts from Nordstrom, here.

Steal: BP. Silky High Waist Shorts from Nordstrom, here.
Splurge: Super Duper Highwaist Shorts from Style Sofia, here.

Bracelets: Basic Cuff thanks to Bare Collection, here.

Steal: Classic Cuff from Forever 21, here.
Splurge: Apex Cuff from Bare Collection, here.

Clutch: Logo Clutch from Tory Burch, here.

Steal: Black Uber Clutch from Gigi New York, here.
Splurge: Logo Clutch from Tory Burch, here.

Shoes: Clearly Chic Heels thanks to DailyLook, here. (Also seen here)

Steal: Clearly Chic Heels from DailyLook, here.
Splurge: Clear Heels from Shiekh, here.

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