June 11, 2013

Casual Day Look in Floral Jeans and Vintage Belt

Hello everyone! :) Father's Day is this upcoming weekend, so don't forget to make reservations and/or prepare a nice relaxing day for your dad to show your appreciation. We are going to take my dad out to dim sum because its his favorite!

This pairing is a casual every day look that is perfect for Spring and Summer because of the playful floral prints on the jeans. I added this cognac belt to add structure and contrast to this outfit. I really like how this belt has the buckle holes all the way around so you can use it as both a hip or waist belt. Linea Pelle is launching their Fall Vintage Collection of belts June 18 and I am so excited to see what stunning styles and fall colors they come out with.

Outfit Details

Top: Essential Open Knit Sweater from Forever 21, here.

Steal: Essential Open Knit Sweater from Forever 21, here.
Splurge: Heritage Open-Knit Pullover from Banana Republic, here.

Jacket: Denim Jacket from Abercrombie & Fitch, here.

Steal: Denim Jacket from DailyLook, here.
Splurge: Denim Jacket from Abercrombie & Fitch, here.

Jeans: Floral Jeans from American Eagle. {old}

Steal: Floral White Washed Jeans from DailyLook, here.
Splurge: Jegging from American Eagle, here.

Belt: Vintage Perforated Hip Belt thanks to Linea Pelle, here.

Steal: Round Buckle Belt from Gap, here.
Splurge: Vintage Perforated Hip Belt from Linea Pelle, here.

Bracelet: Basic Cuff thanks to Bare Collection.

Steal: Gradated Cuff from Forever 21, here.
Splurge: Apex Cuff from Bare Collection, here.

Purse: Saddle Bag by Andrea Brueckner. {old}

Steal: Basic Bucket Bag from ZARA, here.
Splurge: Nico Shoulder Bag by Linea Pelle, here.

Shoes: Tristen Pump by Trouve. {old}

Steal: Linen Cork Wedges from DailyLook, here.
Splurge: Kalima from Shoe Dazzle, here.

Thanks for reading. <3




  1. First of all, those heels are absolutely fabulous! I love those jeans too!! You look beautiful :) xo

  2. this is such a nice casual look! i like the chunky heels and light denim wash. i came across your blog on michelle phan's site today and thought I'd say hi :)

    It would make me happy if you visited too!
    pandaphilia fashion

    1. Aw thank you so much Angie! I'll definitely visit your blog! <3


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