June 13, 2013

Perfect Downtown Look in Pink & Black

Hi everyone! :)

I adore this pink skirt (also seen here) because of the bold bright color and the flare shape. It creates a simple youthful silhouette that is perfect for a casual day look around downtown, the office, or grabbing a snack friends. This necklace is truly breathtaking, it glistened with every movement, and was the perfect way to add a bit of sparkle and glam.

I had the pleasure of working with Ryan Chua, a very talented photographer, on the photos for this blog post. He was very charming and guided me through the shoot. Truth be told, I was very nervous while taking these photos, but his easygoing attitude helped me relax and made this experience one of the most enjoyable photoshoots I've had. Thank you again Ryan for the advice, photos, and laughs.

Outfit Details

Top: Luxlight Crew Pullover from Gap, here.

Steal: Dropped Shoulder Sweater from Forever 21, here.
Splurge: Luxlight Crew Pullover from Gap, here.

Skirt: Pink shirt from Nordstrom. {old}

Steal: Orange Flare Skirt from L. Mae Boutique, here.
Splurge: Playing Dress Up Pleated Skirt from DailyLook, here.

Necklace: Cleo Rhinestone Statement Necklace thanks to Oia Jules, here.

Steal: Elegant Shimmer Necklace from Style Lately, here.
Splurge: Cleo Rhinestone Statement Necklace from Oia Jules, here.

Bracelets: Basic Cuff thanks to Bare Collection, here.

Steal: Gold Bliss Bracelet from eff.Y.bee, here.
Splurge: Apex Cuff from Bare Collection, here.

Bag: Celine

Steal: On The Go Structured Handbag from DailyLook, here.
Splurge: Bowling Bag with Handles from ZARA, here.

Shoes: Black Pumps by Nine West. {old}

Steal: Lexa from ShoeDazzle, here.
Splurge: Regola Pump by Nine West, here.

Thanks for reading. <3




  1. Love this Connie! That skirt is the perfect pop to the rest of this outfit.


  2. Ok, I love the mini "on the go" bag from Daily Look. It's all the cuteness of the Celine bag without the hefty pricetag. I may just have to purchase.

    Also, great outfit! I love bright pink, and pairing it with black makes it look really classy. :)

    Style by Joules

    1. Thank you so much Julie!! <3 Yeah DailyLook is amazing for having a bunch of designer inspired purses!

  3. Gosh, you are beautiful. Againa lovely outfit.

  4. love the whole outfit, and the skirt and shoes are, OMG, perfection!
    i think you look a bit tense on these pics, but no problem, what matter is that you are gorgeous anyway, and create nice looks and match outfits perfectly!


    1. Thanks! And hah... yea it was my first time shooting with someone new.. :P


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