July 7, 2013

Office Look with Silver Accents

Did anyone go shopping this Fourth of July weekend? I went to H&M and found these blue and white printed pants for only $10! What a steal, huh? For those who don't know, I am a big deal/sale hunter and I get really excited when I find great items at an affordable prince. They have a crazy sale right now and if you are free today, you should check out your local H&M store. I also got a trumpet style skirt for $6 and I am excited to style with that soon. 

I've lived in sunny California all my life and really adore this state necklace from Maya Brenner. They have necklaces for every state in the US as well as countries; it really is a cute accessory and I can't wait to get more dainty silver necklaces to layer with this. Or if you are looking for a super cute alphabet necklace, in my personal opinion, they have the cutest one. I really like how the letter is asymmetrical on the chain and I have the "C" necklace on my wish list! :)

I feel so well rested from this Fourth of July holiday and ready for work Monday! :) I hope everyone had a great weekend. 

Outfit Details

Blazer: Ponte Modern Blazer from Banana Republic, here. {also seen here}

Steal: Single Button Tuxedo Blazer from DailyLook, here.
Splurge: Ponte Modern Blazer from Banana Republic, here.

Shirt: Black Sleeveless Top from Gap. {old and also seen here}

Steal: Shirred Georgette Top from Forever 21, here.
Splurge: Gauzy Tassel-Tie Blouse from Gap, here.

Pants: Blue Print Pants from H&M, on sale in stores for $10!

Steal: Geo Cigarette Pants from Forever 21, here.
Splurge: Printed Chinos from H&M, here.

Necklace: California State Necklace thanks to Maya Brenner, here.

Steal: California State Charm Necklace from Dogeared, here.
Splurge: California State Necklace from Maya Brenner, here.

Clutch: Milly Collection Wristlet from Banana Republic, here. {also seen here}

Steal: Caged In Clutch from DailyLook, here.
Splurge: Milly Collection Wristlet from Banana Republic, here.

Watch: Black Watch from Agnes B. {old}

Steal: Nicholson Watch from Swatch, here.
Splurge: Watch Agnes from Agnes B, here.

Shoes: Silver Heels from ShoeDazzle. {sold out}

Steal: Vivian Pointy Heel from Target, here.
Splurge: Kristina from ShoeDazzle, here.




  1. WOW! $10 for those pants? They look like they would cost more. You seriously are a great deal finder!


    1. Aw thanks so much! Yeah, I was super excited about those pants!

  2. Swooning over the pattern of those pants! Tres chic :)
    Fashion, Trends & More

  3. LOVE those pants paired with the blazer (blazers make everything look so chic!)-- you look fantastic!!

    <3 Amanda

  4. Hey, Connie - I love printed pants, and yours is great. Just like the whole outfit. Casual and stylish at the same time. Particularly beautiful, I find your metallic heels. Which I have searched but not found in my price range. Thanks for sharing the link. I wish you a lovely week, xo Conny

    1. thanks so much! Believe it or not, but I got those silver heels for $15 from shoe dazzle. It was about 2 weeks ago when they were having a sale and all clearance shoes were $15 so I got these silver ones and the black & gold in the Little Hot Pink Dress post.

    2. Wow - sometimes you just need luck. But where was I? Unfortunately on the wrong Kontintent?:-)
      Have a good Time.

    3. Just subscribe to their mailing list and they tell you when they are having a big sale! Thats how I found out! hehe... good luck!!!

  5. Love this look dear, the pants are gorgeous!!!


  6. I drop by and mean to leave a web site about letter necklace, but I am shocked by your asian gorgeous outfit. I love your delicate necklace.


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