July 16, 2013

Relaxed in Pink & Royal Blue Skinnies

I had a buffet packed weekend in Las Vegas and it was so delicious! In my opinion, the best buffet is Bacchanal Buffet at the Caesars Palace. We went to dinner and lunch over the weekend, and here is a trick to skipping the loooooonnng lines; you can pay an extra $15 per person and go straight in. For us it was worth it because we wanted to explore around and the wait was over 2 hours! At night, we went clubbing at Marquee and Tryst, I liked Marquee over Tryst and would recommend going to XS instead of Tryst. We only went to Tryst because Lil Jon was the guest celebrity; I thought he was very entertaining and funny. Our last night at Tryst unfortunately got cut short because someone got into my JJ Winters crossbody and stole my phone while we were dancing to Lil Jon. :'( Not cool, I was so upset the rest of the night and phoneless now. 

On a brighter note, this pretty Alex Tote is the newest addition to my handbag collection. The leather is so soft and I really like the slouchy look with the zipper detail. At first glance online, I thought this bag was white, but was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box and saw that it was a pale baby blue color. Linea Pelle's new Fall belts just got posted today, so check them out (HERE) because they have super cute new styles. :)

Outfit Details

Shirt: Pink Button Shirt from Old Navy. {old}

Steal: Buttoned Tab-Sleeve Linen-Blend Tunic from Old Navy, here, or Classic Dress Shirt from Forever 21, here.
Splurge: Perfect Oxford Shirt from Gap, here.

Jeans: Royal Blue Skinny Jeans from PacSun. {old, and also seen here}

Steal: Zippered Skinny Jeans from Forever 21, here.
Splurge: Royal Blue Skinny Jeans from GJG Jeans, here.

Shoes: Pointed Toe T-Strap Heels thanks to DailyLook, here.

Steal: Pointed Toe T-Strap Heels from DailyLook, here.
Splurge: Giselle from Sole Society, here.

Necklace: Mila Statement Necklace thanks to Love Stylize, here.

Steal: Mila Statement Necklace from Love Stylize, here.
Splurge: Tildon Vintage Floral Statement Necklace from Nordstrom, here.

Bracelets: Rose Gold Pave Beauty Bracelet thanks to Derng, here.

Steal: Classic Hammered Chain-Link Bracelet from Forever 21, here.
Splurge: Rose Gold Pave Beauty Bracelet from Derng, here.

Bag: Alex Zip Tote thanks to Linea Pelle, here.

Steal: Reversible Summer Tote from DailyLook, here.
Splurge: Alex Zip Tote from Linea Pelle, here.




  1. I love these looks. The colors are gorgeous and made for you. Your bag is really great and I love the zipper details also.
    Conny von http://ahemadundahos.de

  2. I adore the alex zip tote!!!! The wave color is gorgeous! Sorry about losing you phone but glad to hear you enjoyed the other parts of your trip.

    1. It is a stunning bag!! :) And thanks!

  3. I am in love with this look! One of my favorites, I am especially obsessed with all of the colors! So sorry about your phone, hope you get a new and better one.

    1. Aw thank you so much for the support! Im borrowing a phone from a friend right now and am looking for a new one!

  4. Love your outfit (: look so chic and pretty! xx Do you mind if we follow each other ? Do let me know on my blog. x


    Would you like to follow each other?! Let me know!!

  6. Your blog is amazing! It's nice to enjoy good quality pictures. Keep going! :)


    1. Aw thank you so much! My photographer will appreciate the comment. :)

  7. i love the lavender mixed with that blue :)

  8. Your blog is amazing! It's nice to enjoy good quality pictures. Keep going! :)The colors are gorgeous and made for you. Your bag is really great and I love the zipper details also. Sexy Chiffon A-line Spaghetti Straps Applique Beading Natural Waist Front Split Sweep Train Prom Dress.

  9. That necklace!! LOVE! OMG - I just went to Vegas as well and seriously... the Bacchanel buffet...right? I came out of there feeling 10 lbs heavier lol, but it was so worth it. I mean it's gotta be good if it has 'chanel' in the name, right? ;) I'm so sorry to hear about your phone - that actually happened once to my girlfriend once - I don't know HOW the heck people are able to do that without us noticing. It's crazy. Anyways, have a great weekend! Btw - I'm still really excited I came across your blog and learned that you're pretty new to blogging as well. I just started blogging earlier this year and it's been so fun and exciting to find other new bloggers to connect with :)


    1. and actually, I realized it's spelled Bacchanal! (haha, I think I have Chanel on my mind - oops :) )

    2. hehe Chanel is so distracting! :D But that buffet is so yummy, I wish I can go there once a month.. :P But yeah its pretty crazy and scary how quick and good thefts are at sealing phones.. :'(

      Thanks for the love, I checked out your blog and LOVE it!!!


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