September 26, 2013

Leather Blazer, Chambray, and Olive Pants

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The other day, we took Mochi, my 4 year old German Shepherd that I adore, to Petsmart for his regular shower and they forgot the bathe him! :( My poo baby was locked up in a cage for 4 hours. Mochi is a big dog and it boggles my mind how they could book him an appointment for a bath and then totally forget to bathe him. When we brought him home, he was really thirsty and really had to use the restroom. We've never had an issue like this with Petsmart before, but this was very upsetting and we're definitely not going to go back there. :( So FYI for all of my pet lovers, don't let that happen to your pet!

Outfit Details

Jacket: Cute Black Blazer thanks to Lulu's, here.

Steal: Cute Black Blazer from Lulu's, here.
Splurge: Halogen Jacquard One Button Blazer from Nordstrom, here.

Top: Chambray Top from Old Navy, here.

StealChambray Top from Old Navy, here.
Splurge: 1969 Asymmetrical Pocket Polka Dot Denim Shirt from Gap, here.

Pants: Olive Pants from Forever 21. {Found in store, but can't find it online}

Steal: Zipper-Trimmed Skinny Pants from Forever 21, here.
Splurge: Jolt Zipper Detail Twill Pants from Nordstrom, here.

Bracelets: Kim in Leopard and Ryanna thanks to Thesis of Alexandria.

Steal: Leopard Wrap and Spikes & Pearls Bracelet Set from Forever 21.
SplurgeKim in Leopard and Ryanna from Thesis of Alexandria.

Necklaces: Autography Plate and Initial Here Necklace thanks to Taudrey. Speckled Turquoise Mini Olivia Necklace thanks to eft.Y.bee.

Steal: Faux Stone Teardrop, Get Lucky, and C Initial Pendant Necklace from Forever 21.
SplurgeAutography Plate and Initial Here Necklace thanks to Taudrey. Speckled Turquoise Mini Olivia Necklace thanks to eft.Y.bee.

Watch: Golden Midsized Chronograph Runway Watch by Michael Kors, here.

Steal: Classic Oversized Watch from Forever 21, here.
Splurge: Golden Midsized Chronograph Runway Watch by Michael Kors, here.

Purse: Musette Carryall Tote thanks to Cuore and Pelle via /excelamktg, here.

Steal: Musette Carryall Tote from Cuore and Pelle, here.
Splurge: MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Too Hot To Handle' Bentley Leather Tote from Nordstrom, here.

Shoes: Anne Michelle Momentum 39 Black Suede and Mesh D'Osray Heels thanks to, here.

Steal: Anne Michelle Momentum 39 Black Suede and Mesh D'Osray Heels from, here.
Splurge: Sole Society Elisa Pump from Nordstrom, here.




  1. I love the leather accents on the blazer!

  2. What a great combination of clothing color and texture! Thank you so much for the inspiration, I especially really like those heels and the blazer! Super chic and stylish!


    1. You're so welcome and thank you so much for all of the support!

  3. I love that BLAZER and the Olive jeans with the zipper are so cute :D

  4. Aw how sad about your dog! I would of been very upset too!

    Cute outfit btw! :)

  5. I love how put together this look is! You bag and shoes are especially fabulous!

    Stephanie | fashion and tea

  6. I am swooning over the colors you picked for this outfit!! It is gorgeous and don't get me started on those heels!


  7. Love the outfit and your jewelry! Please stop by my blog sometimes.

  8. That's awful about your pup, I think customer service has gone down the drain! Can't believe they had him locked up and didn't wash him up.


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