May 11, 2014

bareMinerals: bareSkin Review

I'm really excited to partner with bareMinerals to test out their new line of liquid foundation called bareSkin! And I think I'm in love... When I first started to wear makeup, my mom took me to our local mall to get the bareMinerals Get Started Kit. Back then, being a newbie at makeup, I loved how it was easy to pick up their 'swirl, tap, buff' technique, how it gave me a nice coverage over my acne prone skin, and how long it lasted. And now their new bareSkin, takes all of these amazing qualities and more to the next level with their 'shake, drop, buff'.

I got 5 shades to test and I use a combination of Bare Natural 07 and Bare Nude 09. The full collection consists of 20 different shades, so I'm almost certain that there is a shade perfect for you! And if all else fails, combine two shades like me. :) I have been testing out bareSkin for over a week now and have definitely experimented and learned what works and what doesn't. On day 1, I applied too much and thought, "4 drops can't possible be enough lets try 8," and boy was I wrong. Like eye cream, a little goes a long way. So as the days progressed, I cut down on the number of drops and have found that 4 drops works best for a barely-there-even-skin-look.

Applying bareSkin:
1. Shake the product, you want everything to be mixed well
2. Drop 1-2 drops onto the middle of the Perfecting Face Brush
3. Buff out from the middle of your face (buff like crazy!)
4. Finish with your favorite setting powder, blush, bronzer, etc.

Overall, I am really happy with bareSkin because it leaves your face looking natural and smooth. If you are looking to try a new foundation definitely check out bareSkin.

The post is sponsored by bareMinerals. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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