February 28, 2015

P&G Unstopable Review

I'm excited to share my most recent partnership with P&G to review their new line of Unstopables products and boy do they make my house smell super nice and fresh. I got to try out a few of the items in the line which includes fabric refresher, air refresher, scented oil warmer, candle, and in-wash scent booster beads. P&G partnered with iconic interior designer Nate Berkus and fragrance aficionado Carlos Huber to create this collection. Unstopables fabric refresher and air refresher are infused with a proprietary long-lasting fragrance technology that slowly releases freshness over time to continually give the air and your fabric a fragrant boost enhancement. One of the amazing parts is that you get many days of freshness with the new products! 

My favorite tip from Nate Berkus is his take on how to switch things up at home. He said, "When you get bored with your room, the easiest thing to do is switch it up! Consider moving your sofa to anther wall, bring in a side table from another room, swap to your throw pillows. You can totally refresh a room without spending a cent. For curtains, couches and rugs that can't be washed, a few spritzes of Unstopables Fabric Refresher will add long-lasting freshness."

Generally I really love candles because of their beautiful scents and how they light up a room. I especially loved how P&G had candles in the Unstopables collection because I got to mix and match my favorite scent of candle with its fabric refresher, air refresher, oil warmers and more to reinforce the scent. My favorite scent was the purple colored ones called Lush, it was lavender and vanilla. (yum!) 

After learning about the Unstopables collection, I am super excited to share this with you guys because these new products are truly amazing, you'll be surprised by how adding scent to your home can make a big difference and bring everything together.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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