April 13, 2015

Perfect Beach Dress

Hello from Los Angeles! I'm here for a few days for work and excited to dine and discover new restaurants! Whenever I travel, for work or leisure, food is the most exciting aspect! Hehe... The last time I visited Los Angeles, I stumbled into a sushi restaurant called Sugarfish by accident and ended up loving it! Not only is the fish really fresh, I loved how much attention to put into their fish. Different fishes came out in different temperatures, some were cold, some were room temperature, and some were warm. And their seaweed was crispy and the overall dining experience really delicious! I hope you have an amazing week and enjoy this causal look. Mimi Boutique recently sent me this pretty dress and I love the print, colors, and how comfortable it is! 

Outfit Details

DressLaguna Beach Print Dress thanks to Mimi Boutique.

StealLaguna Beach Print Dress from Mimi Boutique.
SplurgeWAYF Gathered Mini Dress from SHOPBOP.

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