June 17, 2015

How To: Cleaning Up (Quickly!)

Alright guys, today we are stepping away from the glitz and glam of fashion to talk about keeping our homes fresh and inviting, this is what my living room looks like after a weekend of cleaning, but let me honestly say it does not stay this clean for very long. With friends and family coming and going, its realistically really hard to keep it tidy. 

My focus today is my favorite place at home, the kitchen. This is where we get together to mingle, eat, and enjoy each others company, so it naturally is the first place that gets messy. 

Juggling work and blogging, I just don't have a lot of time to devote towards cleaning; therefore I survive off of functional, multi-use, effortless products that can quickly get the job done, but most importantly done well. If you are a busy gal like me, you need Pledge Multi Surface in your life! It works like magic and practically on any surface (laminate, wood, stainless steep, granite, glass, and marble). If you do run into a stubborn area, I like to quickly spray the area and leave wiping that area of the countertop for last. That way the product breaks down the mess, making it super easy to wipe clean, and leaving the countertop revitalized. It is super gentle and doesn't leave any filmy residue, while at the same time it has a fresh scent (no harsh chemical smell here)! I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you'd like to see more of these "how-to" posts on the blog! Have an amazing (and tidy) rest of your week!

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