June 9, 2015

Summer White Dress

We are getting torched in the Bay Area, yesterday is was 91 degrees! Phew! I just came back from a week long work trip to NYC, (singing Taylor Swift's Welcome to New York in my head...) and I have to say that I love that city. The streets are beautiful and the food and shopping is amazing! I ran into Chriselle Lim, one of my favorite bloggers at a Korean restaurant and had to say hi and take a photo. (see below!) I was beyond excited and felt as if I was approaching a celebrity! :)

I adore this trapeze dress from Banana Republic, it is so light and airy. The only down side is that the material that it is made out of wrinkles easily... The wrinkles are most visible in the last photo. Anyways, I hope you still like this look and have an amazing rest of your week!

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Outfit Details

Dress: Linen Trapeze Dress from Banana Republic.

StealDouble Tassel Necklace from Ily Couture.

Sandals: Cute Nude Heels from Lulu's. {similar}

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  1. i love Chriselle, so cool you got to meet her!

  2. Love your outfit and love Chriselle! My two favorite C's. :)


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