July 30, 2015

White Lace Romper & Snail Bag


Can you believe that it is almost the end of August? This year has seriously flown by and I've noticed as I get older, the days, weeks, and months go by a lot faster. I remember when I was in middle school and summer lasted forever, but not anymore. The other half and I are starting to look around to  buy our first home! Its really exciting and we've been to a few open houses so far and I have been tracking houses to understand the different between the listing price verses the sell price. Wish us luck!


On another note, one of my favorite sites, Lulu*s is launching their outlet sale site! It starts today (ends August 2nd) and they have amazing sales at ridiculous prices! The way the outlet site works is that they have these buckets, $10, $15, $25, and $40. And you probably guessed it, each bucket will correspond with a certain dollar amount, and it will make shopping on a budget that much easier, which is something I truly appreciate right now as we're trying to save up every penny to buy a home. Have a look and happy shopping!

Lulu*s Sale Buckets

$10 Bucket
$15 Bucket
$25 Bucket
$40 Bucket

Outfit Details

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