August 18, 2015

Summer Cocktails with Alizé


Phew, it was scorching hot in the Bay Area this past weekend, but my main highlight was attending Taylor Swift's 1989 concert at Levi's Stadium on Saturday -it was so fun and she is amazing! The day of the concert, I whipped together a few cocktails for my girls and I to enjoy before the concert. I got to try two of the three flavors that Alize carries, Red Passion and Bleu Passion (it also comes in Gold Passion), but in honor of Taylor Swift and her love for the color red, I used the Red Passion for our concert cocktail. :) I mixed together 1/2 Alize Red Passion, 1/2 champagne, and finished it off with a splash of lime. It is such a easy and tasty cocktail! They are really made to just twist, pour over ice and serve. I'm still singing Taylor Swift songs in my head as I'm writing this post, I loved how she incorporated new and old songs. She is such an amazing performer! :D

Until next time! 

This post was sponsored on behalf of Alize Passion via One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own. 

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