December 8, 2015

Holiday Cheer with Hornitos

This post is sponsored by Hornitos

Christmas is a little over two weeks away! I've tried something new this year; I bought all of my gifts online and avoided the crazy Holiday shopping traffic and lines. So far it has worked out really nice! The only downfall is that when I order items online, they don't provide gift wrapping or boxes for free. So I also had to order some gift boxes, but I am not complaining, I'd rather buy a few boxes than wait in line for hours at the mall. Plus, I get an excuse to get super cute gift wrapping paper and ribbons! Oh so festive and fun!

In addition to Christmas shopping, we're all thinking about what food and drinks we're going to serve at the next get together with family and friends.  I've cooked up a really tasty and easy to make cocktail that incorporates Hornitos® Tequila Spiced Honey, I call it Kickin' Frosty Lemonade!

Everything you'll need:
A bottle of lemonade
3 fresh lemons
Hornitos® Tequila Spiced Honey
(seriously, that's it!)

1. Pour 1/2 cup of lemonade in your glass
2. Then 1 ounce of Hornitos® Tequila Spiced Honey
3. Squeeze a wedge of lemon for extra flavor
4. Stir and top with ice!

Did I say it was easy, or did I say it was easy? ;) My family loved it when I made it for them this past weekend. With all of the craziness of the Holidays, I'm so grateful to know that if I need to quickly whip up a cocktail, I can do so with Hornitos® Tequila Spiced Honey and a couple of more ingredients! Enjoy and thanks for reading! <3

Happy Holidays,

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